Skilled Migration

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Resume a Saved Application

All applications lodged after 1:00pm AEST 25 August 2020 must meet the eligibility of a prioritised visa state nomination application as explained here in the latest ‘Interim visa nomination allocations and priorities for August-October 2020’.
If you meet the ‘interim’ eligibility please enter your application information below and select the ‘Retrieve my application’ button. Any ineligible application received after 1:00pm AEST 25 August 2020 will be declined.

Please Note:

  • All incomplete application forms expire after 14 days of inactivity.
  • If your form has expired or you do not remember the required information (remember to check the email account supplied at the time of your application as a confirmation of these details were emailed to you or your agent when the application form was saved) you will need to restart the process.
  • Forms cannot be accessed through this service once they have been completed and lodged.